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10 January 2009 @ 11:25 pm
episode 003  

so we lied. we also lie in this episode a lot. I'M SO SORRY THOUGH!
the holidays and such really got to us all this year. anyway, we're here with a very outdated episode. so sorry! but episode four will be around a lot quicker, we all hope!

in this episode of arpeecast:
- we discuss the differences and contrasts between roleplaying when we first started and now.
- and boy do we cover a lot of subjects!
- we talk about five pet peeves submitted from yvonne!
- and we tell you all about our BIG SURPRISE!

remember keep listening for outtakes!

there is, some swearing in this episode! that i was too lazy to (not very well might i add) bleep out!

NOTE: due to the extended delay in us getting this episode out, our sites of the moment
were not discussed, but we'll provide you with the links! check them out!

partnered with:

if you would like to give us feedback, you can either post it here, using this code, in a comment, or you can email it to us at arpeecast@gmail.com

name: so we have something to reference you by.
where did you find us: so we KNOW what we did right in advertising or whatever.
feedback: whatever you want to tell us!
the site you're on: if you want us to consider it for site of the moment.


xxmusic rock: katie & jared ] all smilesxxmusic_rock on January 11th, 2009 06:34 am (UTC)
name: joshhh.
where did you find us: i know you guys, duh.
feedback: don't have too much to say other than the fact that you guys are pretty much awesome. i miss maddie as much as you guys too. and i don't think there is a mute button on cate. but that doesn't matter. that's just how she is, inappropriately butting in at random moments in time and so forth. but no, i really do love her, even if she gets frustrated when i'm not online XD i'm trying to find a pet peeve for you guys to talk about, but i can't really think about one D: if i think of one, i'll either tell cate or colleen, or i'll drop an email or something. keep up the good work guys, and i will hassle you about recording the next podcast sooner.
the site you're on: link -cough- IT'LL BE OPEN IN LIKE, soon. but yeah. go for it (:
augustwinters_x on January 11th, 2009 08:52 am (UTC)
oh so frustrated, let me tell you.(;
maybeseptemberxxcali_cn on January 11th, 2009 06:55 pm (UTC)
name: cally
where did you find us: FLUORESCENT ADOLESCENT, but i also followed you guys around on a few sites. wow, that's creepy.
feedback: i have a pet peeve and i'm too lazy to email you, lol. so yeah, as far as pet peeves go i hate that no one wants to play anyone above the age of twenty-two. it's really frustrating because usually i like taking the edward norton or brad pitt characters. i just don't get why people have this aversion to playing people who are "old". oh! and i also hate when sites have a canon list but no pbs. like why even post a canon list if it's just a list of names? that drives me nuts.
the site you're on: FLUORESCENT ADOLESCENT
Jenyala_palette on January 12th, 2009 04:27 pm (UTC)
name: jenya the procrastinator
where did you find us: mmm... because i know the famous people?! xP
i mentioned a pet peeve of mine in the last comment i left, so i'm not going to repeat that cause i have another one. i don't like it when a site turned offline, but the admins would still send mass mail to the members to advertise their new site. some sites don't just do it once. but twice or thrice? four sites i'd joined before did that and the worse is that the original site had turned offline so i couldn't edit the email preference. actually the mass mail didn't even include the link to the original site! it's spam, people. don't do this!

i like this episode is not just because i like you guys (which i really do) or it's funny (which it really is). but because i can see (or listen) the difference that the podcast is improving. each one is better than the previous one and that's really good. there's not many dead air in this episode and not a lot of voice-'colliding'. i downloaded and put it into my player and was listening to it this morning. and despite the fact that the others would think i'm crazy, i couldn't help but giggled when you guys said something really funny. moreover, this episode is long! which means you guys have a lot to say about the topics, and that's good. but holly needs to speak more! (HI HOLLY!) or maybe sings "dream team!" when you don't know what to say... yea.

would you guys have a review? like some fun facts? for example, 13046 people browsed the arpeecast lj in the past few months (probably under-estimated), 208 people said lillie sounds hot in the past year (ditto, and i'm one of them! w00t), 312 people believed that colleen should be with jenya instead of janna (so maybe i exaggerated a bit), we have simiar names, no one would notice it's another person ;] (i'm just joking) 759 downloads (as of 13th jan 12:15 +8/hong kong timezone, and i'm one of them who downloaded it) btw, i'm really excited about the surprise. i can't wait to see what people have. xD and the new arpeecast forum is beautiful. and you probably don't know, *coughs* i stumbled into it one day when it was still in progress *coughs* i'm a creepy stalker, but please don't scare of me xP

i remember i told lillie that arpeecast isn't the first roleplay podcast, but i hadn't finished. because who cares about which's the first? ARPEECAST IS THE GREATEST RP PODCAST I'VE EVER HEARD. and i don't need to listen to a thousand to prove that cause i just know it! ;)


i should stop here or i'll stretch your lj page.


the site you're on: we have character

(i didn't put it into the spellcheck before i submit. so sorry for the spelling and grammar!)
spark_my_fancyspark_my_fancy on January 14th, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)
name: janna
where did you find us: ummm i stalk you?!?
feedback: is it weird that i can no longer write, whether i'm typing or writing, with caps anymore. it's like impossible and looks horrifically weird. and now for my heart warming comment.

so i never tell anyone about my role playing, my sister knows and makes fun of me for it because she just doesn't get it. i've only opened up to a few people and they all think i'm crazy. but here's the thing, it isn't about the character drama or which pb you use. we're a family, well at least it feels like we are. i consider you guys my friends, in fact as i was listening to the podcast i said hold on i'm listening to some friends talk. because you guys get it, you love the thrill of meeting people you can write with and tapping into that creativity needed to create a character that you love so much that you can't let them go, even when a board has closed down and it's a year later. maybe i should have emailed or pm'ed that to one of you but you know what i'm throwing it out there because i really do love and care about you guys, and even though we've never met in the traditional sense or spoken face to face i feel like i know you and you know me.

alright i'm done, you may now return to your regularly scheduled program.
lalalaleilalalalaleila on January 15th, 2009 04:19 am (UTC)
name: leila
where did you find us: ily
feedback: just saying that OMG which one of you (or all of you) were on VH? seriously, that made my day. i was there for AGES.
but other than that, just saying you're awesome. and i love the random. you guys make me laugh the entire time.
the site you're on: ummmm. you're good. i don't know if mine'll last. so yeah.